Zhejiang Dome Industry and Trade CO.,Ltd. founded in 2016, is the general agent for American AMERCOOK Group Co. Ltd in China. As manufacturer, exporter, and wholesaler, Dome’s hardware and plastic products include small kitchen electrical appliance, cookware, stove, tableware, kitchen tools, baking utensils, wine set, coffee & tea sets, and storage vessels, relating to industrial investment, investment management and business information consulting services.

The main distribution channels we provide currently are retail stores, wholesale company, TV shop, Internet, direct marketing, multi-level direct company, supermarket and different multinational chain stores. Our products are sold on the markets of several countries all over the world.

Zhejiang Dome Industry and Trade CO. Ltd inherited the service concept of American AMERCOOK Group Co. Ltd, providing high-quality products and equipped with professional marketing of different kinds of top-level talents. Dome provides the distributors with the most convenient agent platform, and serves for the Chinese healthy cookware. Dome in China is responsible for the Chinese healthy cookware, and give the customers full confidence to make DIY delicious food through cooperating with the Association of the Chinese Chef, product discussion, design research, trial, test and proof, working out a serious of excellent quality, time-saving, safe and reliable products.

INSGRAILL is the totally new high-end brand of the grill circle developed by Dome Industry and Trade CO. Ltd. INSGRILL produces the professional, handmade, original and creative products by using the advanced and high-qualified materials. Our company’s main goal is to create new products according to the latest developing trends.



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